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This is Cui Hao. I also use the name cvhc and cuihaoleo online.

I'm a Chinese student, a researcher and a geek.

I'm not a social people. But feel free to contact me online.

I'm a master's student in ECE at USTC. I majored in Geophysics and CS for my undergraduate study.

My current research is about robust image watermarking, under the supervision of Prof. Zhang Weiming.

Check my research CV for more details.

I'm an enthusiast of computer technology. My technology stack ranges from C and Python programming to Linux administration.

I was the CTO of [email protected], responsible for server maintenance. Now I'm maintaining a small Linux cluster of our research group.

Check my GitHub profile to see my works!

I'm in a relationship with jenny42. She runs fast. Her half-marathon personal best is 1:46:25, and mine is 1:59:02.

I play video games. Starcraft and Pokemon (GBA/2DS) are the games I put most time into. Also see my Steam profile.

I used to watch anime a lot. I taught myself Japanese, and passed the passed JLPT N2 with my Chinese proficiency.